Useful links for Product Managers.

In place of my usual post, this week it’s a collection of useful and interesting links. I’m finding so much great new content each week, it would be a shame not to share some of those posts with you. These are all absolutely worth a few minutes of your time. Let me know if you found them useful.


3 ways AI will make product managers more efficient: AI can help product managers move quicker and make better, data-driven decisions. – from the Pendo blog

From gut feel to facts: a user-centered guide for product peoplefrom Outlier

How to ship a great product without any roadmapsfrom Enzo Avigo on LinkedIn

Why I burned out, and how I’m recovering: Pat Morgan shares his experience with career burnout so that others might avoid the same fate. – from Better by Design

Others don’t care if you fail: Getting nervous for big presentations is common, but unnecessary. – from Just Another PM

Fast Days, Owls Companyfrom The Villager

Photo by Mike Alonzo on Unsplash